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Accelerating Research Through Advanced Data and Analytics 

Lifescale Analytics provides specialized expertise in data and analytics to help accelerate research and development processes. We provide a spectrum of customized data management services and solutions including Data Management, Big Data Solutions, Cloud Services, Data Science and Organizational and Management Services that focus on building strong portfolios and programs.  Through experience and innovation we allow life science organizations to manage and proactively make decisions regarding research trials and programs.

Formed in 2012, the Lifescale Analytics team has years of experience working in the life sciences industry dedicated to research data management and analytics.  The organization was formed to address specific needs that our Leadership team identified through their first hand experiences, specifically to provide unique and high quality solutions for the observation and orientation of research data in order to make better decisions and take action.  Through a consultative approach and the realization that each individual research organization has a unique set of goals and objectives, we have been partnering with our customers to maximize the use of one of their most valuable assets, their research data.

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Medical Research

5 Good Reasons for Bio-Research Firms to Invest in Data Analytics 


You can accomplish big things at Lifescale Analytics.

At Lifescale we provide the opportunities and support to have more than a career. The work you do could positively impact the lives of others and help make a real difference.

LifeScale Analytics is in constant need of experienced consultants who want to positively impact life science organizations by helping them optimize processes for the collection, management and analysis of research data.  We work with organizations that are committed to improving lives. Feeding the world and saving lives is the end result of our work.

Descriptive to Prescriptive - 
Accelerating Business Insights with Data Analytics

The potential of data analytics can be confusing for many business leaders, often leading to more questions than answers.  

This Leadership Brief will provide you an overview of four different analytic approaches that can be used to solve a business problem or set of problems. Each of these represents a stage along a data analysis continuum through which additional business insight and benefit can be gained.

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